Monday, May 18, 2015

Empty Your Heart

Empty your heart and mind of pain,
Things you lose are the ones you gain,
I never said go away again,
Just for once let me be a friend

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Roller Coaster Braid

You ride your roller coaster,
I'll braid your hair.
I listen to the stories to show that I care

Time keeps moving
Slowly passing on,
Time keeps moving
Further further on.

Sunday, April 19, 2015


We can only create the environment. It decides when to enter.
We are mindful....we wait.
We are aware...and we wait.
We wait.
We wait for It!
Yeah! That's It.

Friday, April 10, 2015


Its strange to be a human today,
so much information coming my way.
I got people yelling "hey man look over here",
if you buy what i got you'll be fine.

People running round in such a hurry,
short on time, full of worry,
Where are we going we haven't been,
i think we've done this before

What you focus on really grows 
no matter what you think you know
If you don't take time to clean your mind...who will?

The days are short, the moments they're few,
so take a little time and focus your view 
before it all slips away

I can see the change all around me,
people waking up, they want to be free
they are sick and tired of suffering
well i say...let it go.

You gotta let it go, to gain control.
Get out of your mind and into the flow,
Oh yes there is a flow of pure energy,
That's what beating your heart.

What you focus on really grows 
no matter what you think you know
If you don't take time to clean your mind...who will?

The days are short, the moments they're few,
so take a little time and focus your view 
before it all slips away

Monday, April 6, 2015

Tomorrow exists.

Tomorrow exists but its cares are not yet stones to be lifted.
The mind is an infinite number of mirrors reflecting the focus of the human.
We get more of the thought we entertain most.
Loops within loops within loops....
Its our responsibility to manage the input.
Its our responsibility to examine our beliefs.
Beliefs are the limiting factors that hide the truth.
Trauma makes the most convincing argument until we sell the stories.
I will sell mine for free.
Pain and pleasure are the same thing.
self is seeking Self.
There is no final completed arrival.
There is a final completed arrival.
What we seek we already possess.
Enlightenment is really just a high tolerance for cognitive dissonance.

Monday, December 31, 2012

Finding Inner Guidence

          Finding our inner guidance is one of the greatest challenges we will ever face as a human. The difficulty is not in the acquisition of information that will lead us, but instead it is the letting go of beliefs that block our intuition, preventing us from trusting ourselves.
        I was speaking with a friend the other day who found herself in the dilemma of making a difficult choice. She was being asked by a friend to do something she was not comfortable doing. She found it difficult to assert herself with her friend to let her know she didn't want to participate. When i asked her why she didn't just speak her true desire to her friend, she said that she didn't want to make her friend feel judged. I assume by her friend feeling judged that could cause conflict, conflict may result in loss of friendship, loss of friendship may result in feelings of loneliness. Our fear of loss is what ultimately leads us toward the compromise of our integrity. I have thought long about this conversation and can see myself over the years making the same mistake. I have forfeited my inner peace many times over the years because i have tried to make sure the opinion of the "other" was always favorable of me. Why would we ever sabotage ourselves in this way?
         I think we sabotage ourselves when we choose not to self-generate our worth. We have been trained to look at the world "outside" of us for confirmation and reassurance that we are okay. We allow others opinions of us to determine our happiness level, confidence level, and overall self-worth. When we externalize our self-worth we give others a degree of power over us. We are easily manipulated because we have relinquished control to the ever changing opinion of the other. The truth is we are in control of our self-worth and no one can affect it until we give them permission. Essentially we are giving others permission to tell us how we are to feel about ourselves when we allow the world outside of us to define us.
         How might my friend find the confidence to assert her desire of non-participation and not compromise her personal integrity? She must first recognize that she is responsible for creating the life she desires. She must be aware that she has authority to control her emotions and perception of self-worth. We are all responsible for generating our own self -love! And then she must allow her friend to assume exactly the same responsibility. If her friend chooses to feel judged by her non-participation....that will be the decision she makes. She should make every effort to be kind and diplomatic in her assertion, but in the end her friend must decide how she will choose to feel.
         What i have described here is not easy! It is so challenging that it takes lifetimes to learn and master...maybe even multiple lifetimes? However, this paradigm will lead us to living fulfilled lives. It will allow us to exercise our personal integrity in a world so desperate for truth and goodness. We will quickly see how our internal needs are met on the internal level. We will begin to pour out the things we have been striving so desperately to, happiness, joy, kindness, etc. It all begins within!!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Are you afraid?

I want to say that it seems more scary approaching a "situation" than it is experiencing the situation. Somehow no matter what it is....i am able to handle it as it is happening....its effortless because its just happening! We have a tough time with the NOW. Death is one of those "situations" that i think will work out quite nicely in the moment. There is no way to die incorrectly....we can laugh, scream, pitch a fit, smile....the whole spectrum of responses are at our disposel. We are free to die as we wish....we cannot mess it up.
I am beginning to see that it is not my body that has the opportunity to be preserved, its ideas that can pass thru the physical plane and traverse time and space without effort. My body is only a conduit for preserving ideas. I am a temporay resevoir. My struggle is imagined. The struggle is remembering.
Eyes are completly dialated, i am fully body feels tense...I constantly remind it that it can relax. It wont believe me sometimes, so i just coax it into submission with breath.
Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose.