Thursday, November 24, 2011

Only one sin

My good friend Stephen said one day that there is only one sin...the sin of ingratitude. At first glance, it seems like there would be many many more "sins" out there. However, i think any sin you could name would have this one as its father. Our ingratitude acts as a catalyst for all manner of distortion in our minds. We assume we need more, or better, or newer somethings, but is not existence itself astounding? Today is Thanksgiving Day. There are so many things to turn our attention towards that can give us a sense of gratitude. Did you eat today? Did your eyes blink 23040 times without failure today? Gratitude is in the little things, big things, all things!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The candyman can

"Oh keeper of the candy. You make the world sweeter and sweeter!" I was recently asked to fill in as the coveted "giver of the candy" at Eclipse where i work. Every year, all the business pass out candy and the townsfolk pass by with their children to fill bags full of candy. I wanted to call myself The Candyman, but it just sounded too petafilic. I sat on the front steps of Eclipse to monitor the candy bowl. I was just a body there to create some accountability for the youngsters. They have a tendency to not honor the honor system when it involves chocolate.
I was surprised by lots of things while i watched people attack the sugar bowl. Parents really encouraged their kids to get a few pieces...."so everyone could have some." Some kids regulated themselves, some kids grabbed as much as they could. I would tell them one handful is the limit. They complied. Then, i spoke to this little girl in spanish. Lots of spanish kids came up while i was there. I just said, "agarra quantas quieras". Grab as much as you want. She grabbed a super duper uper handful. Her mom just smiled! I felt sick. The poarch cats didnt care.
It made me think about how our desire to prolong a good feeling can create greed. Which could also be termed as fear of future lack. Greed is bilaterally dangerous.... I am always preoccupied with not having enough (discontent) and others do without because i am holding back(poverty). Not to mention i could be missing out on even cooler things but my hands are full and tight. A loose grip never slips when it comes to material possessions. The same goes for any "earthly treasure". We leave it where it falls when we die. I feel the strength of this world becoming less and less. The gravity of being a human is not nearly as heavy anymore. I fully embrace my spirit (mind). I want to give it priority in every situation. The "spirit" honors that loyalty with peace. We see through the wall of lack. We see provision everywhere when we stop thinking with fear as our guide. It's wise to store up for rainy days, but it doesnt rain every day. We imagine every tomorrow as rainy. The rain stops because the sun it out. Yet we still sit on our treasures.
I hope the little spanish girl gets the most out of her Halloween experience. That culture knows even better than ours the importance of dispersing wealth. They are almost forced to do so because of economic situations. How cool would it be if it was just a natural way of interacting with each other. I feel the times changing. i am hopeful we will strive toward this end.