Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hurry up and wait

I forget to breath sometimes. I forget that things change. I forget that i will die one day. I am like a baby. I feel like i am starting all over in life. I am learning how to apply new philosophies. I am making tons of mistakes and loving it. I fail to meet my own standards sometimes, but then i am reminded that they are my standards. I can hold myself accountable how ever i wish. I am learning to create the inside of my mind. I am reclaiming lost territory. It was never really lost i just didnt believe i owned it. I am learning to be patient. There is no hurry!!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Humans are containers for food

Since i have been here at the beach, food has taken a new priority in my life. I find myself thinking about it more often than usual. Maybe its because i am red lining on my starving meter by the time i get home from work, but more than likely its because i am cooking for myself instead of momma's home cooking. Either way, food is on my mind. This new preoccupation of mine has inspired me to look for new reciepies. I have been recieving daily cullinary lessons from my friends at work. Billy the Kid, a supervisor, is a crock pot expert. I am actually cooking a Billy dish tonight...sweet potatoes and pork tender loin. He also gave me this ''mango tango salmon'' recipe that will forever be one of my favorite dishes.
Food is so vital. Food represents so much to us human or any animal for that matter. We truly are what we eat. We are what we drink. We are what we read. We are what we speak. We are what we think!!!! That last one, i feel, is the most true out of all those. Our minds are a virtual world that we create. We , knowingly or unknowingly, are shaping every aspect of our lives. We are artists painting the picture that we want to see. Do you like your picture? No? Change it. Yes? Share it.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Oil Spill

So i find myself on another adventure! Josh and i decided to head south to Gulf Shores, Alabama to work on the BP oil spill. We are offically a month into our job and loving it. Its such a crazy scene here. BP has hired private contractors to clean up the oil that is gushing into the Gulf of Mexico. I work for one of those contractors. We work 7 days a week 12 hours a day. I have never in my life attempted to work that much. As a result, i have a little cash now. The job pays great and keeps me so busy i cant spend any money!! I was recently made a supervisor over a small crew of about 30 men and women. All i can say is, its not easy to lead people yet there are things that make it way easier.
I have learned the ego is a huge factor when trying to motivate someone. There is a sense of insecurity already there just because you hold a position "higher" than your employees. There is resentment, there is jealousy, there is fear, and each one of those "problems" needs to be addressed with humility as a leader. I have learned so much from this position.
I am not sure what i will do next. We have talked about going to mexico, south florida, but really anywhere on this planet is ok with me. Its all an adventure.