Sunday, February 28, 2010

Creamos nuestra realidad (we create our reality)

This has been an intensely reoccuring theme here lately. Everytime i am compelled to throw myself a pity party, everytime i want to play victim, everytime i cast a judgement...not long after i experience the sobering reality that i am creating the whole thing. I am customizing all the emotions, i am giving birth to feelings....its like i twist the knob increasing power or decreasing power depending on what i believe about _______! The reason i see this is because of the huge varience of importance people place on things. Each person is deciding (or been conditioned) how they view life.
I went to a rodeo last night. I was looking for my friends in the stands and caught myself being captivated by the other people there. They were all in their own world.....some on their cell, a dad tending to a baby, kids watching the animals, teenagers staring into their lovers eyes. Everyone had an agenda, everyone was measuring and remeasuring themselves according to a standard...their standard. We are making "these rules" up or either we are agreeing to someone elses rules....either way we own them. We are deciding everything all the time but somehow we are very unconcious to this idea. We react, we blame others, we depend heavily on our past to tell us what to feel, we deflect responsibility whenever possible, but true empowerment starts when we own our lives, emotions, and actions.
We begin to create what we want instead of expecting it to fall from the sky. Things happen the way we want because we become intentional with our time. We channel our energy (which is very very powerful) in such a way that we CREATE.