Friday, April 30, 2010

One consciousness

I was talking with some friends last night about was so interesting to hear how we all dreamed similarly. We talked about alarm clocks finding there way into our dreams and becoming vacuum cleaners or huge bells that some kids were pulling the rope on. Then we talked about peeing in our beds because we imagined being at the toilet. Then the realization hit us how connected we all are...we all saw the was like we were the same consciousness experiencing the same dream. I felt a huge sense of peace as we came to the realization and it only increased as i considered what it means. I do believe we share a common consciousness...our egos tell us that we are separate and we must fight to secure our importance in this life...but our dreams betray our ego....they tell us that we are One. As i encountered people the rest of the night i couldn't help but think that really "they" are "me"...."i" am "them". I felt judgement melt off of my shoulders...judging someone was judging myself. I saw insecurity scurry under a can you feel insecure when see yourself as One....there is no one to compare yourself to. I felt kindness become my main emotion. This human experience is an illusion....we are only separate from each other in form, not consciousness. This illusion of separation causes us stress, anxiety, and fear...causes us to judge each other...fight for the best position...think too much, worry too much, ....all that disappears when we see that we are One. Its not magic its awareness...consciousness becoming conscious of itself.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Let go of my ego!! i loved those waffle comercials (eggo waffles). For real though...let go of my ego. i have been attempting here lately to distinguish in my mind what exactly is an ego. I must admit its not the easiest thing in the world to identify because we are so mingled with it. I am learning that there is freedom from thought (ego) by being present and still. I am learning that thinking is a biological process like breathing and pumping blood, my lungs breath because that is there job, my heart pumps blood because that is its job, my mind thinks because that is its job. I am not my thoughts. i am seperate from this body, yet i am this body. My sense of controlling this body is imaginary, yet real. Any value i associate with this body is ego based. There is no value on something that is invaluable. I am part of everything. i am an extension of the Source, the nameless entity that makes up everything!!!