Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Motivation on Vacation

This morning my motivation is on vacation. Honestly i am having a tough time seeing the purpose in anything. Why do anything? I don't know... all i know is if i do nothing i am doubly miserable. I think it goes back to expectation. Is the reason i don't want to do something because i am overwhelmed with my insufficiency? Am i afraid I'll quit...fail...fall short? I think I may be on to something here! Is the final goal too lofty or is the present one too lofty? I tend to replace the present one with the final one and i immediately become exhausted. It is tough to get from 0-100 if i constantly skip 27 and 28. So what is the solution...Do the next smallest thing. What is that? It is what links us to the final goal! Celebrate the small steps! Scream with joy when they are finished, buy yourself ice cream when you do one and when the day comes and the last step is made buy someone else an ice cream. Consistency...is daily doing something that contributes to the final goal or the day's goal.
Trent, now damn it... I want you to remember these words today. Take them to heart b/c they are purer than gold. They are the only formula you will ever need for accomplishment in anything you deem valuable. It will happen and you are convinced right now. Just remember this page when your not so convinced.

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Andrew Tipton said...

Solid writing Trent! I like your thoughts and ideas very much. I always know I will be challenged by your words.
What is the point of life? Is there one? I think a lot of how you live this life, is based on what you expect in the next - I don't really know what to expect though. :) There is certainly that dispair that comes from knowing, "ALL LIFE IS POINTLESS" because it is... I feel that too. but that doesn't mean that life is not beautiful. There is pleasure, and unspeakable enjoyment to be found EVERYWHERE - it may not "matter", but we can still enjoy living, breathing, touching, smelling, feeling. I was lost in that dispair about a year ago.. and the love of motion is what got me through that.