Saturday, April 17, 2010


Let go of my ego!! i loved those waffle comercials (eggo waffles). For real though...let go of my ego. i have been attempting here lately to distinguish in my mind what exactly is an ego. I must admit its not the easiest thing in the world to identify because we are so mingled with it. I am learning that there is freedom from thought (ego) by being present and still. I am learning that thinking is a biological process like breathing and pumping blood, my lungs breath because that is there job, my heart pumps blood because that is its job, my mind thinks because that is its job. I am not my thoughts. i am seperate from this body, yet i am this body. My sense of controlling this body is imaginary, yet real. Any value i associate with this body is ego based. There is no value on something that is invaluable. I am part of everything. i am an extension of the Source, the nameless entity that makes up everything!!!

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