Thursday, July 15, 2010

Humans are containers for food

Since i have been here at the beach, food has taken a new priority in my life. I find myself thinking about it more often than usual. Maybe its because i am red lining on my starving meter by the time i get home from work, but more than likely its because i am cooking for myself instead of momma's home cooking. Either way, food is on my mind. This new preoccupation of mine has inspired me to look for new reciepies. I have been recieving daily cullinary lessons from my friends at work. Billy the Kid, a supervisor, is a crock pot expert. I am actually cooking a Billy dish tonight...sweet potatoes and pork tender loin. He also gave me this ''mango tango salmon'' recipe that will forever be one of my favorite dishes.
Food is so vital. Food represents so much to us human or any animal for that matter. We truly are what we eat. We are what we drink. We are what we read. We are what we speak. We are what we think!!!! That last one, i feel, is the most true out of all those. Our minds are a virtual world that we create. We , knowingly or unknowingly, are shaping every aspect of our lives. We are artists painting the picture that we want to see. Do you like your picture? No? Change it. Yes? Share it.

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Andrew Tipton said...

haha ;) Trent, I really like this post man! I'm sure you are really experiencing the greatness and deliciousness of food down there.. I was making pesto fajitas last night, and considering how MANY senses we use when we eat. We get to touch our food while we make it, we get to breath the scents of it cooking.. we listen to it as it becomes a meal, we TASTE it with our monuths... but really with our entire bodies! - it is a blessing to eat and to have all those senses work at once.