Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Immune System

I was talking with my friend Micheal today about violence. I have been struggling for an opinion on the idea. Something he said brought some much needed clarification. He raised the point that violence isnt always evil. In some cases it is a balancing force. He compared it to the violence the Immune System generates when attacking a virus or bacteria. The whole day i have been thinking about this idea. The idea of war is everywhere, all the way down to the cellular level. We fight. We fight for all kinds of reason. And now i see that its the motivation behind our fighting that really justifies our actions. I guess this could open even more debate with regard to using violence. Who is justified to use such a force? Good question! I think we almost instinctually know when the force is evil or good. A general rule of thumb would be to take a look at the fruit of violence. Is the fruit benifiting all or a select few? Is the violence being used to perpetuate fear or love? Is it protecting or destroying? There are no easy answers but we must try our best to find them. I plan to continue refining my opinion with regard to violence. I hope to reach a conclusion before i turn 72. SAT NAM ;-)

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