Tuesday, January 5, 2010

the security of knowing our insecurities Part two

A fan of ElectricMilk raised an interesting point in a comment on Part 1 with regard to insecurities being good or bad. Let the record stand that i believe insecurites are for the most part negative influences in our lives, however, i believe they stem from primal instincts that once helped us to survive. Those instincts kept us alive long enough to develop insane mental capacity and now they are somewhat no longer needed (until survival is threatened again...then we'll be glad they are around) Looking at the animal world, emotions like jealously, greed, fear, anxiety, anger....actually keep the strong animals alive and ensure they reproduce with other strong animals. The difference is they dont (not that i am aware of) lay in their bed all night feeling depressed or carry those emotions very far into the future....we do. I think they have limited imiginations keeping them from going too far with survival emotions. We, on the other hand, have developed very complex imiginations that respond to any stimuli we give them. I think this is where insecurities are born! Everyone is insecure because it is easy...its instinctual (literally). It takes disipline, education, concentration, and time to overcome insecurities. I think knowing this about our insecurites helps us to forgive ourselves for being insecure...we are only products of species evolution. In a way, knowing this removes the guilt we feel for being insecure and lets us make peace with the demon. We can begin to understand ourselves instead of fight ourselves. I am not my enemy and nothing inside my brain is my enemy...if something is giving me problems...it is probably because i dont understand its purpose or origin. We tend to fear what we dont understand!!! Another instinct kicking in....lets be afraid until we figure out if this is friend or foe...we default with foe so we dont DIE!!!

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