Saturday, September 25, 2010

what is really going on?

What is really going on? Nothing. The longer i live the more this theme reoccurs.

What am i doing here? Existing. This isnt terrribly difficult to do.

What is the truth? Everything. It all depend what eyes we use to look at something with.

Sometimes i get lost in my world. The one i created.

The world where i adopted others rules, other peoples measurements.

I am afraid most of the time in this world.

Everything is sharp and jagged.

I feel pain from mere words.

I fight to keep my position.

I am replaced no matter what.

Then i wake up!

I was in a dream! Dreaming

A dream i mistook as my only option.

Its all fantasy.

We create our reality with our thoughts.

We breath life into our dreams.

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