Monday, February 7, 2011

Onions in my eyes

Things are never quite as grand when they leave our imigination and lay prostraite in front of us. Fears are some how ordinary looking when they escape captivity and get real close to our eye. Some how the rain just wasn't as cold as i had imagined. It is so bewildering to arrive to that elusive future and feel like, "Is this it?". More moons than not, i gave the creature much bigger teeth than he actually had. I also gave that road trip two thumbs down before i even put the key in the ignition. I really ended up having a great time. I am an illiterate politician who cant get an erection for the election! You know, right? Its not anything in particular or even spectacular. Its just one more mind numbing miracle that is life. The free flowing, snow blowing mystery of what it means to know the trees. I am surrounded on all sides, at all times, by fucking amazing blazing paraphrasing cool shit. I feel like a quadriplegic getting his head scratched while having a sex dream. Then i feel like an evangelist who only had 19 people show up to his Holy Ghost Tent Revival. What do you want? What do you need? More glue to hold this dilapidated ship together? She is coming apart Captain!!! What do we do? Lets ride her down boys. So i ride down with the captain.You know whats at the bottom of the abyss? That was a trick question. I love being here on Earth! I love laughter. I love your sisters shoes. I like the way you curl your hair and making faces in the mirror when you think no one is watching.We were watching though! We watch each other in paranoid suspicion. We traded T-rex for other peoples opinions. Our eyes tear up at the onion breath of our fellow man! And i am still thinking about having to fix lunch today instead of typing to you my friends.

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