Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sharing....oh so easy...oh so hard...oh so rewarding

I am learning to share. I am sometimes afraid to share. I feel like if i share the "things" in my life i may not have enough provision for the future. I feel like if i share my "thoughts" i might be ridiculed for such strangeness. I sometimes calculate my words. I try to make sure i dont give away information that would allow "others" to gain an advantage over me. I with hold "my" truths that have brought me peace. I do so out of fear of being put at a disadvantage in this game of life. Oh my my! I do so at my own expense. There is no competition except my own invention.
I am learning to place confidence in Love, not my knowledge. The bible says love never fails. My experience says love never fails. I, for the first time ever, can line up the words of the bible with my experience. I feel like i am reading an August edition of National Geographic when i read the bible. I feel that way with any and all holy scripture that advocates Love. Love is where i find all the provision and peace i can handle in this body form. God is love. Love is God. I am love too. Carefully embrace that idea!! It has teeth!!

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