Monday, October 17, 2011

The strong oaks dance for themselves

I got poison oak the other day. It could have been poison ivy too. I was warned that my work area contained a small crop of the itchy plants. I did not take the warning serious. Partly because i didnt know what poison oak looked like and partly because i thought i was immune. Turns out i am not! So this blog is devoted to educating the minds of others what poison oak looks like and how to treat it.

Its quite a plain looking plant who disguises himself. He looks like an oak tree leaf to me, but he will never grow up and be big and strong. His role is to be natures prankster! He plays such funny jokes on us humans. He can get on your legs, genitals, throat, anywhere! Once he finds a suitable place he decides to dance. His little feet dance and dance. Thats the itch! The only way to get him to stop dancing is to ignore him. Dont touch him. Dont even look at him. His ego cant handle being ignored, so he leaves, and is off to find someone to watch him dance. If they entertain his dancing, he spreads all over them and causes such a mess from his wild dancing. There is a pink liquid that acts a his kryptonite. She sits on the prankster, giving you a beautiful hue of pink to focus on while she hides our eyes from noticing the dancing.

I much prefer the real oak leaves and the mass of strength they are attached to. Real Oaks are so much kinder. They invite us to dangle on their branches. We can climb as high as our bravery and they can support the weight. Feels like a limb massage as our tiny feet climb all over them. They never leave us itchy. They leave us strong.

I am going to heed warnings in the future by wearing long sleeves and pants and gloves until i am done working around such pranksters. Then when the work is done, i will go dangle from the oaks that decided to grow big and strong.

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