Sunday, October 3, 2010

Promise of Tomorrow

Lately i have had this feeling of being absent. I feel as if i have been watching myself. Its like i am on autopilot and the real me has taken a break and watches silently as i go through the motions of what i call my life. There is a beautiful neutrality to it all.

Moments no longer hold rain,

I yell for the sun to notice me,

but it just casually warms the earth.

Time hasn't had a second thought about my train.

When you told me your dog died,

my only words of comfort were rehearsed.

I wanted to tell you the truth,

but for your sake i lied.

You were taught how to spend your tears,

it was suggested to feel this way,

it was encouraged to speak this way,

you have done this for years.

Now the canvas is once again white,

we picked the gravel out of our wounds.

we went to sleep with the promise of tomorrow,

it just felt right

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