Sunday, January 9, 2011


I no longer have cable television. I still have a TV but it will only play movies. I made the decision to cancel the cable for two reasons. One, I want to save the $60 a month that it costs to have it and two i want to minimize the sources for excuses that make it difficult for me to realize my goals.

Life is full of excuses. Its easy to sabotage our goals without even being aware that we are doing so. T V takes away from the available awake hours of a day and offers us the excuse of not having the time to develop our dreams. I heard on NPR that the average American watches 34 hrs of television a week. What could you do with an extra 34hrs a week? Develop a hobby? Start an exercise program? Spend time in nature? Spend some quality time with your family?

It is a scary thought for most people to imagine life without TV. Their only experience of not having it is when the power is out. Those days of boredom are locked into their minds as something to be avoided. I will admit there is an adjustment period and how long it lasts depends on the depth of the addiction, but before long we find things to do. All of a sudden the excuse of not having enough time disappears and we start making things happen. When we string enough days of being intentional together we soon find ourselves manifesting our goals. We do not have to just cope with feelings of inadequacy and defeat. We can do something about those feelings. We can bring about any change we would like!!!

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