Friday, December 31, 2010


I am in Jacksonville FL tonight. Its a scorching 72 degrees. Its so nice compared to the cold back home in Montevallo. I am a warm blooded creature. In the heat, I thrive like Alabama kudzu. I am here on business. I like using that phrase. It sounds more sophisticated than i feel, but its sort of true. I am working for ESPN as a utility. I am an assistant to everyone. We pull cables, set up cameras, gawk at the cheerleaders, and try to look as busy as possible when "the man" comes around. Its a great job and i am thankful for the work.
This particular assignment has been all new to me. This is the first time i have traveled this far with the job. I have also had the pleasure of being accompanied by three very different guys. Each one has brought a unique contribution to this trip. I have changed their names for their privacy. There is our fearless driver, Bob Sims. He is like a jetti warrior cruising down the highway zapping State Troopers with his laser guided radar detector. Basically he's Chuck Norris with a slightly darker skin tone. Then there is Rev. Richard "Dick" Calebs. He keeps us on the straight and narrow but also keeps the ladies looking our way. I think he emits natural pheromones,that once airborne, attract the female species in the surrounding area. A new acquaintance for me is Brock Peterson. He keeps things light hearted and also has these really cool x-ray glasses that we have used,on numerous occasions, to stare at the breast of women. That last part about the glasses is only half true...we stare at their asses!!!
The trip has been good. We worked hard today, we all just finished murdering some KFC and I am submitting one more blog to the universe before this year is done. I forgot to mention i am welcoming another year in with these fellows. Its kind of symbolic of how i want to live out this year....embracing diversity and staring at more asses. What more could you strive for? I have no idea what 2011 will bring. It already looks cool with those double 1's. I expect it will posses similar qualities as its older brother 2010, but i am learning that i have a lot to do with shaping my time here and i plan on making this a year of exploration. I want to push myself a little more to confront fear and old habitual thought. I want to see the impact of living life without regret and aggressively pursuing the goals that I set.
I can't really say this is my new years resolution because i have spent the better part of this year working on these ideals. I'm just clarifying in my own mind the work to be done. I am off to bed now, my new years kiss is waiting for me. I hope Brock shaved!!

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