Monday, August 16, 2010

Death Proof

I am back home after my two month stay in Orange Beach, Alabama and it was a wild ride getting here. I left Friday afternoon at 3:00pm because i was waiting to pick up my last check. I was a bit anxious for having to leave so late. I like to get going if i know i have a long way to travel, but i chose to wait on the check. My day was filled with reminiscing over our time in the beach condo and all the experiences we had discovered there. I went for a walk to the mega-towers to work out and i played the mandolin. Eventually 3 rolled around and i picked up my check. Things are looking good and i finally make it Interstate 65. The golden road that would lead me home. Well the golden road proved too much for my right rear tire so he decided he was done supporting the van. I hobbled over to the shoulder and began delicate surgery on the beast. I panicked for the first 30 minutes running negative scenarios through my mind. Then i began to talk back to the thoughts. I soon discovered that all my tire changing equipment was less than adequate. I called 911. They didn't mind my tiny emergency and hooked me up with a local policeman. He came...did his best...but still couldn't get the tire changed safely. Finally we called the professional tire changer guy and he worked his magic. Done! $80 later!! It was well worth it though. I made it home around 12am, exhausted, but glad to be greeted by my beautiful family.

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Lauri said...

Glad you made it home safely. Are you still thinking of heading for Brazil?