Monday, August 23, 2010

Why am i here?

Why am i here? Humans are the only animal who consider this a valid question. I think other animals just know. Lately it has been a question i have tried to ponder for my own life. I feel like i already know the answer to this question but i haven't began to understand it until now. Why am i here?....To be!!!! Sounds simple but it clicked for me reciently. My purpose for being on this earth is.... to be on this earth. As of right now i cannot see any exterior reason or aspiration that can give meaning to my life. My life is meaningful because i exist. This sounds simple and feels obvious but the implications i think are lost on people. We hear this and maybe agree, but we rush right back to defining our value with achievement, stuff, relationships and because all those things pass in and out of our hands we stay on the undulant path of discontentment. "Change" is constantly affecting those aspects of our lives. Our value rises and falls like the stock market.

How does this apply to daily life? When we feel purpose is a constant and not something to chase after, life stops being problematic. We are fulfilled entering into the things we love not scratching and scraping for validation. Its kind of like the idea of a dog chasing his tail. Its already his, always been with him, once he realizes its going to be there; he is free to pursue other things. Our minds are conditioned to feel we must seek out a reason for being here. We must have a higher purpose, something that compels us to greater heights. Do we really need that? And if so what could possibly give that to you? Some have suggested God, sex, money, drugs, family and countless other promising formulas, but nothing can give us what we already have...Purpose is!!