Saturday, December 12, 2009

Eating leftovers!!!

I just wrote a facebook message about eating the leftover values of others as opposed to taking the time to find out what it is we like to eat. What makes me happy?? Not, what have i been told will make me happy?
It is a little more difficult to establish your own value system and truely own it.... because you invested time and effort into cultivating it. I look back on my life and see i lacked the knowledge and courage to do such a thing and without those two buddies its hard to move into any sort of change. Ohhhh, but when you find knowledge and courage nothing is impossible (to coin a phrase from the bible).
For me these concepts are not new...i have brought about lots of change in my life as a result of pursuing knowledge...yet my conditioning has veins that run so deep they touch my animal instinct. When things hit you at a primal level all you can do is weather it out....train the mind more...increase intensity...embrace the burn (sounds like a gym workout). Really the thought that calms me more than anything is knowing its all going to turn out already is fine. Eternity erases everything!!! So scribble on those wall..."make a mess".... clean up the mess... do it all three times again. Its all alright!!!

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