Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The writing on the wall

Here we go again. After a brief sabbatical i am ready to write again! My motivation stems from a project i have started on the walls of my room. I have decided to cover the entire room with writing. Whenever my mind is full i simply get out my pen and begin to write on the wall. i started at the top left corner of the wall. The sentences span about 3 feet before i start a new line. The letters are large but not much larger than college rule lines. The walls are off white with black ink. Its overwhelming to look at; now that i have covered a good portion of one wall. Sometimes i back away from the wall and stare at the writing without being able to read the words (it is impossible to not read a word if your looking at it in your language). It becomes a painting of sorts. The sentences become art. I quickly noticed how they are not perfectly straight. The sentences flow! I mean this literally and figuratively. As far as content goes...i write mostly about myself...understanding myself...sorting through thoughts. Some thoughts are highly negative and some are highly positive but the thing i enjoy most is tracing their origin. Why do i think this way? Where did i get this idea? Do i want to keep it? A common theme i have noticed in my life is an increase of awareness that i empower things. I determine what something means to me! Life affects me in a neutral way until i assign some sort of value to the events. The way i assign value to things is affected by about a million factors...upbringing, self-esteem, race, nationality, what happened to me in 5th grade, etc. By taking a daily journey into the Mind of Trent i have benifited greatly. I have signicantly increased my ability ease my mind when it goes off in random directions of fear and anxiety. Awareness is the key understanding the Why!! Awareness is the first step to empowering yourself!!

This is my new project. It keeps me sharp.

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