Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Little girl and the cookie jar experiment part 2

We can obviously see how our brains might do this given this experiment with the little girls. However we are largely unaware that we do this same thing about 100 times a day. The sad thing is we hold resentment toward others when they conflict with the way we see things. It really comes down to judging others based on information they do not have or judging others based on information we think they have. An example: being frustrated with someone when they aren't excited about the things we are excited about, thinking when someone offends us that the person knew they offend us, being angry when we think we are ignored.
Taking offense and being angry with people seems quite silly to me when we apply this information. We are holding people to something they are completely clueless about, but even if they are fully aware we don't know their interpretation of the same information. Crazy!!! Not so much crazy as it is useful to living in peace in our own mind. This gives us the potential to never be offended again. To never be in conflict with another person in our own personal world. How many world views are there? Let me many people are there?....that is the answer!!!

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