Monday, December 7, 2009

who is watching you?? part 2

Selfish can easily be redefined to mean "we are our first priority". I think when we come at it from this angle we can see the benifits to embracing our state of "selfishness". For one, when we realize peoples actions against us have nothing to do with us...we are more apt to forgive...maybe investigate into what that person is dealing with. We are less concerned with others opnions. When they are judging isnt us they are is themselves. Their judgements are based on how we affect them. Or they are superimposing themselves into our situation and using their values or filters to judge the situation. Once we are free from the good opnion of others we are able to be the self we want to be. We are more apt to put our physical, emotional health first, better equipping us to help others. The list goes on....we establish boundries so others dont invade the holy places in our minds, our yes's and no's are stronger, we are more sincere because we cut out the concept of obligation to others.
Daily, on some level, this concept comes into play...especially with relationships. My conditioning is strong but i am learning to be more selfish. haha

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