Monday, November 22, 2010

Clear as mud

Human communication is a complex code of masking what we really want to say with what we feel is proper to say. We are afraid of being offensive or hurtful but ultimately our deception leads to both. We also prolong bringing about the reality we desire because we are consumed with hiding our true concerns or observations.

What would life look like if people could express freely how they feel? I have been attempting this in spite of nagging fear and one idea that keeps reoccuring is....when i am honest with others they are able to address situations knowing the truth about how i feel instead of basing their decisions off of the false information i feed them. Our main insight into a persons mind is through what they say. If i am saying the opposite of what i feel then people are going to respond to that, not my true feelings. This is a vital concept when it comes to creating the reality we desire.

My only disclaimer in being honest with others is to check personal feelings for judgement, anger, fear, worry...because those words will come across as an attack and the other person will become defensive. Take a moment to allow kindness to envelop your tone and intent and it will be recieved much easier even if the subject matter is intense. Start small!

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