Saturday, November 6, 2010

Things Change

Life seems so compartmentalized. I segment my life into neat little worlds that i think are so organized and understandable and then out of no where worlds blend and make new worlds and then those worlds have babies and make even newer the point it all becomes one world. And then i come full circle to an idea that i am trying to structure my life around...its just ONE. We are infinitely connected to everything.

We are not separate at all. Our feeling of separation comes from our fear. Our fear is fueled by the ego and vice versa.

At work recently our grill stopped working. The strange thing is how that one event brought about so much change. The whole kitchen shifted because of the grill deciding not to work. The microwave traded places with the blinder, the blinder invaded the espresso grinders' spot, the knives claimed new territory in the name of King Sharpness, and now everyone has a new home. And the story isn't over. The kitchen will continue to shift until there isn't a kitchen anymore, but even then the "movement" wont stop; it just keeps going. And where do i fit in to all this? I will experience constant change until i no longer have the faculties to percieve change (until i die). We would be wise to see that change IS.

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