Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Hand

Mystery! The Mystery of Being. What more are we but a collection of emotions, beliefs, fears, thoughts, instincts, bodies....we imagine ourselves as something great. Each person imagines his/her life as important, significant, serious, crucial to the advancement of society. Are we crucial? How can something be "great" if everything is great.

The pressure that threatens to explode in our minds every time we face new circumstances is controlled by a valve that our hand rests on. We create our reality. We could easily turn the valve (challenge our mental patterns) and allow the "problem" to flow smoothly through our lives, but we are not aware that we possess that authority. We have been taught otherwise. We have constructed a complex set of rules that tells us how the valve should be operated. Everyone has different rules. Some are governed by tradition, tragedy, abuse, religion, family, society, or a blend of them all.

The only way to know what will happen it to slightly turn the valve one day.

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