Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Learning how to effectively communicate with other humans is a challenge we all face. I am realizing that i can use less words if i use those words correctly and honestly. Generally we fear telling others how we feel about them or situations, we fear their response, we fear how it will affect the relationship, we fear embarrassment, we fear rejection, we fear insult, we fear being wrong, we fear being alone, we fear social isolation; these are the titles, but the details of these fears are complex and unique to each person. Imagine human communication without dishonesty, without embellishments, without sarcasm, without ego, without fear. I think this type of communication is possible at the cost of losing the ego. It takes time alone with ones mind to confront the fears that generate the dishonesty. The truth comes out first to ourselves and this gives us the courage to be honest. We are a fear driven society. I would guess most of our communication is based off of fear, everything else is. Part of the fear is animal instinct and the other part is learned from our care givers at an early age. For many people fear is never questioned, it is processed and given the tragic title... "the way life is supposed to be". The motivations for fear have deep roots in our makeup as humans; to trace it back would take you all the way to a one celled organism (which may give understanding). Its been with us for a while and actually allowed us to make it to where we are today, but fear has its limits. Evolution is carrying us towards increased awareness. It is allowing us to move into a new consciousness, one that is in harmony with existence. One that embraces the IS.
Imagine communication (or life for that matter) without fear....no drama. Fear creates drama, drama is what we talk about 99.9% of the time..... the world may go mostly silent. We would discuss things without judgement, we would be in harmony with each other; almost telepathic. No identification with ego. Where are you from? Earth!!!


Trent said...
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Andrew Tipton said...

I fear doing the things I want. Because I don't know what will happen. Its easier to do what I've always done.. because at least I know how things will go. That fear is crumbling like a brick wall from 1869. I keep ramming up against it.. and little pieces fall off, it gives a little more each time.. and I start to see light through the cracks. I know it will break. It just makes me want to hit it harder. Fall.