Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Because you can

Young man stay out of the future. It is an illusion. Do you see these wrinkles? Do you? I picked them up one day at a time! Am i afraid to be this old you ask? No. Not at all. I am here. Just like you are there. Stop fighting yourself. Learn to control your mind so it does not sabotage your Now. How long will it take for you to stop fighting? Well to you it seems like a long time because right now you are imagining a future where you have stopped but you know that on a day to day basis its tough...its only tough because you have practiced so so little. Your skipping ahead and you are forgetting about the chain of present moments that have to link together to get you there. Anywhere! Its all in the Now friend. The future is constantly changing and there are opportunities that are aligning themselves for you without your direct contact. You cant imagine how you are lining up things with your thoughts. Your thoughts manifest the reality that you create. Thoughts make things real. What are your thoughts about? Are you aware that you are manifesting your reality (good or bad) with your thoughts? You are son. You think the term..."nothing is impossible" smoke up your ass? Well so do most people that's why they feel stuck. Do you want to join the chorus of voices that are complaining about being helpless? You are not helpless. If you can think it, it can happen. Live son! Be alive each day, in that day, in that hour, in that second....because you can!

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