Tuesday, December 7, 2010

You are on my mind

I walk through the door, to catch your eye
You smile at me, I dont ask why
There's a fire inside, burning deep
I'm wide awake, i forgot to sleep

Cause you are on my mind
you are on my mind

Thoughts tell lies that my hands dont feel
What i was told was never real
Its another day in a dreamers delight
We know how to love and we love tonight

Cause you are on my mind
You are on my mind

You raised your glass and looked at me
I tried not to notice...i could'nt breath
Words came to mind but fell on the ground
I tried to pick them up but they couldnt be found

Cause you are on my mind.

1 comment:

Sapwood said...

Hey Trent, because you were on my mind. the line already sticks to me and i like the warm feeling. i'll call you later or tomorrow to chat more about it. I hear lots of cool things along with it. a cool trickle lead part with the mandolin during the instrumental is one of them. really like the words. felt like i was hanging out with you while i listened to it a couple times. great piece as a simple sound and i could hear it also with a fuller band sound behind it. bet it felt good to trnspose those words and their feelings from your head to a notebook and then an audio file...can you believe we can do that?!?! :) what a time to be walking, what a time. miss you,