Monday, December 13, 2010

Its all in the details

I had an epiphany about writing yesterday. I put it on an index card on my desk for inspiration. Here is the idea...

"When writing, put in obnoxious amount of detail because someone else is being invited into your mind, they can only "see" what you "write" so if you want to give them the most accurate picture possible it has to involve lots of detail. Even though the detail may seem trite for you it may not be so for the other person reading your thoughts. They cannot see the whole picture like you can, they only see what you give them."

This idea applies to verbal communication too,but with a twist. People can only respond to the information you are giving them. If its inaccurate or misleading rest assured their response will not be the one you are looking for. I truly believe almost all relationship problems are a result of one or both persons not being honest with their communication, whether or not they are conscious to that fact or not.
When either writing or talking be aware of the fact that someone else cannot see what is in your mind. You have exclusive access to information they do not have. They can only experience what you allow them to experience. This is very powerful!!

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Andrew Tipton said...

mmmM... yeah definately! I was having the same thought a few days ago, trying to get some ideas onto paper. I would go back and read what I wrote.. and it would make absolutely NO SENSE, because I was writing from my own point of view. Its tough to take yourself out of the picture for a moment and really look at your words from the perspective of a newcomer.
But I think you're right.. its critical if we want to genuinely communicate with a person outside of ourself. :) Great thought man. I got back today.. lets talk soon.