Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Its all there

It is possible to be free from the confines of our mental conditioning.

It is possible to be at peace.

It's possible to feel confident about every aspect of life...every endeavour, every unknown, every mystery.

It's possible to speak to your mind the thoughts you want to think.

It's possible to possess a mastery over fear.

It's possible to become so intimate with your fears that they no longer burden your mind.

It's possible to lose attachment to the ego.

It's possible to fly with thought.

You might be thinking...yes i agree its possible, but how likely is it that i will experience those things? They are already yours. They only reason they don't "feel" like they are yours is because you haven't introduced yourself. Go ahead introduce yourself. Say hello! Make the first step in cultivating a vibrant relationship with peace. Build on that foundation until you are making love with peace. It's all there!!! It is work, practice, and sweat but it is all there, avaliable to anyone who stumbles across it.

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